Welcome to the World of Neuromorphology

    Small-diameter sensory fibers in the skin are responding for the external stimulation, such as temperature, mechanical and chemical application. Those nerve fibers also referred as the polymodal nociceptors. Recently, several lines of evidences shown those nociceptors also expressed specific receptors that believed to responding different noxious stimulations.

    To explore the roles of those receptors in the cutaneous polymodal nociceptor, we investigated the neuropathological and neurophysiological changes of those receptors on the polymodal nociceptors and performed painful behavior evaluations in small-diameter sensory neuropathy model.

    In the higher center of sensory transmission, it believed to be involved the modulations of those sensation inputs from the periphery and it is another approach to understand the possible mechanisms of painful transmissions.

What are we doing?

Tools to investigate:

1. Electron microscope.

2. Immunohistochemistry.

  1. 3.Neurophysiology.

  2. 4.HPLC.

5. Nociceptive evaluation.

    a. Thermal sensation.

    b. Touch sensation.

    c. Cold sensation.